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The Harvest Lab is an agricultural state-of-the-art controlled environmental greenhouse within a retrofitted ISO shipping container focused on producing high quality, high output levels of organic cannabis as well as many other wonderful crops.

The Harvest Lab is the most efficient, space and cost effective method of cannabis production. The durability, innovation, and sustainability of these modified shipping containers ensures it can be deployed anywhere in the world, and operate 365 days a year in any climate.

The Harvest Lab can achieve exceptional levels of production that lead to a pay off period of 7-13 months, and profitability within the first year. These up-cycled shipping containers are highly modular to support every grower’s unique goals and needs. They are also extremely versatile in terms of deployment, with the ability to operate outdoors, or be stacked in indoor cultivation facilities to maximize square footage.


Purple Heart Grown in THL

THE HARVEST LAB was Designed and Engineered by an Experience Grower

The "original" Harvest Lab has been operational and producing high qualities of organic cannabis on Chilbaker Farms for over two years.

We have tested all the fancy "bells and whistles" and have proven that simple is best and even better, its what makes The HARVEST LAB so affordable compared to other options on the market.  PLUS It has been tested in one of the harshest climates on Earth with temps ranging from -47 degree to 100 degrees. 

THE HARVEST LAB is very Efficient.

No other production system is capable of producing the same output levels of organic cannabis in the given footprint with regard to cost. Thus, it is the most efficient system of cultivation in terms of square footage 

OG kush at 30 days in the The Harvest Bud Lab

THE HARVEST LAB is Flexible and Scaleable

The Harvest Lab is modular and sectional to allow each user to employ their unique marijuana growing technique with specific regard to pot size, strain, and supply. Growers possess the ability to scale up or scale down production accordingly to satisfy state laws and the local demands of consumers. For example, grower can have the option of using a station to station system or drain tables utilizing a “sea of green” philosophy.


Start up Savings & Speed to Market

 In this competitive market, with over 15 states now having either a legalized medical cannabis law or recreational marijuana laws, commercial growers and Caregivers need the ability to get started or scale-up to meet the market demands quickly. The HARVEST LAB is that solution.  It is turn-key, built to code and more affordable then investing time, capital, development, zoning, licensing, planning and finally construction of an existing or new facility.  The costs associated with setting up a grow facility can be immense. THL is the most affordable indoor solution on the market, when compared to other grow options. for example: A heated greenhouse facility can typically cost up to $150,000 to build.  Some indoor commercial builds could be as high as $200,000 for the same foot print as 2 Harvest labs and offices. Whether you're a avid home gardener or a commercial grower, for nearly half the price of other options, you can utilize the function and versatility of THE HARVEST LAB.

THE HARVEST LAB is Energy Efficient

The Harvest Lab is built as amp efficient as possible. Amperage ranges from 55 - 85 amps at peak performance for a standard 40', depending upon options and customization.  Compare this to our competitors, where there are some rooms pushing over 120 amps peak usage. Controlled amps adds a great advantage for residential growers providing simple integration into local power grids. Commercial growers can utilize a vertical or horizontal grow system to match footprints of larger industrial grows, for far less cost.  This makes THE HARVEST LAB your smart solution when it comes to energy costs.   

Environmentally Safe and Aesthetically Adaptable

With today's unpredictable weather patterns, ever changing Code enforcement and zoning laws, THL is a environmentally secure option and has the ability to appear as many other frequently used structural designs. Solid metal construction and a steel bolt locking system guarantees crop protection from theft and damaging weather. The comparability of The Harvest Lab allows commercial growers to maintain a high level of quality control  over a large growing area. Pests, mold and other crop effecting issues are easily controlled when isolating growing areas from one another. 


Harvest Lab Sizes & Specs

  • 10'  - Perfect for the Personal Grower
  • 20' -  For a Grower looking to Scale-Up
  • 40' or 53' -Suited for Commercial Growers

All Harvest Labs are built in fully-insulated shells with a front door for easy access and locking. Each lab has a specialized climate control system that will match the growers needs so that temperatures and RH can be pinpointed to specific plant needs.  

Customizable Options

24 station option with pre-entry control lab

  • Fully Automated Hydroponic Drip System (non-recirculating)
  • 24 station irrigation ring feed system (among other options)
  • 3' x 6′ Hydroponic Flood Tables
  • 7-15 gallon pot drain system
  • 1000w DE HPS 
  • LED Fixtures 
  • High Power Oscillating Fans
  • Air Sanitation and Contamination Prevention System
  • Remote Control
  • Smart Phone Integration

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The Harvest Lab